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We take a comprehensive approach to improving the health and wellbeing of our employees. We continue to EVOlve in this regard by adding or enhancing programs and initiatives designed to support our employees in all aspects of their personal and professional lives.

EVO offers a digital platform with integrated live services – including healthy lifestyle coaching and deep, clinically-focused condition management – to educate and engage our employees.


EVO recognizes that maintaining our physical health is essential to having a fulfilling and balanced work life. EVO is committed to offering its employees comprehensive health and welfare programs that fit their lifestyle. Many of our programs include wellness education and preventative programs that support a healthy lifestyle.



In the U.S. we offer a comprehensive choice in health and welfare benefits to address all aspects of employee’s lifestyle concerns.


Our employees have access to indoor and outdoor exercise opportunities in seven of our U.S. offices. All employees on our U.S. medical plan have access to wellness education at no additional cost to eligible members, which includes virtual fitness solutions and wellness resources. Additional resources available to our employees include:

  • Lifestyle & Condition Management Coaching
  • Health Assessments
  • Digital Wellbeing Platform
  • Smoking Cessation Program
  • Healthy Eating Program
  • Chronic Conditions & Disease Management Program

    EVO believes in a culture of continuous learning and believes intellectual curiosity strengthens and develops both the person and the Company. Much of the learning at EVO takes place informally through working together each day and learning from each other. However, EVO also offers virtual, on demand training courses through its learning management system known as EVO University. We also offer education reimbursement in many locations for our employees to further their formal education, and support certifications and licenses that are relevant to a person’s job or career development at EVO. In addition, we offer targeted programs to develop management, leadership and communication skills for potential future leaders at the company.


    In our modern world we are moving at a faster pace than ever before, but more and more we are learning that taking breaks is important for all of us. For this reason, EVO consistently reviews our benefits and educational programs to improve our knowledge and understanding of how to support the diverse needs of our peoples’ emotional health and wellness. This will be an evolving area of focus for EVO in each of its countries.

    One important way to maintain your emotional wellness is to take time away from work to create a positive work-life balance. In order to ensure employees have the opportunity to take time off when needed, EVO provides time off—both paid and unpaid—to eligible employees in all of its countries.

    Finally, when our employees need focused help with events in their lives, EVO offers an Employee Assistance Program (EAP) in some of its countries. This is a free, convenient and confidential resource that offers support to employees when they need it. Through our EAPs, employees and family members are eligible to receive support and have a consultation with a professional during these times.

    EVO’s senior leadership at a team-building event in Ireland in 2021.

    EVO employees celebrate winning a Kentucky Derby themed team-building competition in 2021.


    We spend a significant portion of our lives at work and we enjoy having a sense of purpose and being part of a team.  We are social beings and want to collaborate and learn with our colleagues.  Our GGK culture strives to ensure that our employees have these opportunities to work together and enjoy that work in a safe, diverse and collaborative environment.


    A key part of that is communicating with our people globally and locally.  We have quarterly town halls lead by our CEO and executive leadership to provide updates on EVO’s strategy and people initiatives.  Our local leaders hold regular update meetings at their locations, and have team-building events that bring our people together. Our Employee Engagement Committees hold onsite events and community activities to ensure that our employees have time to get to know one another and build strong professional relationships.  We believe encouraging and supporting these professional, social interactions strengthens EVO by strengthening the teams and the individuals involved.

    EVO’s office in Portland, Maine celebrates Pride.


    EVO is committed to offering competitive pay, benefits and education that help our employees reach their own personal and professional goals with respect to financial security. Each person has their own financial goals and we have support programs in place that allow them to chart a financial path that meets their needs. As a global company, each country offers different types of programs related to financial wellness.


    To support these efforts in the U.S., EVO’s employees have access to financial wellness education through our 401k provider and EVO offers the following benefits:

    • All new hires in the U.S. are eligible to participate in a 401k starting on their date of hire. EVO has an employer matching contribution of 50% of the first 6% you contribute with a maximum match amount of 3% of your compensation.
    • Health Savings Account in the U.S., which allows you to set aside tax-free funds for medical purposes. EVO contributes $500 annually.


    Through our provider, Transamerica, we offer an interactive financial education platform designed to teach our employees personal financial skills through engaging, self-paced lessons. These customized learning experiences are designed to encourage and inspire learners to take steps today that can lead to a more secure tomorrow.


    EVO is committed to its GGK culture. The foundation of which is EVO’s five core values.  Through our everyday actions and the many initiatives throughout this ESG site, EVO is committed to “living our values” which we believe contributes to the overall wellness of the individual, the community and the company.

    Please visit our Communities section to see all the incredible acts of service by our employees at EVO.

    The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has not promulgated any rules about the presentation of, or metrics related to, certain ESG matters. Accordingly, the information we present may not be directly comparable to that presented by other companies. The information presented on this webpage often is based on statistics or metrics that are estimates, makes assumptions based on developing standards that may change, and provides aspirational goals that are not intended to be promises or guarantees. Accordingly, investors should not place undue reliance on the information set forth in this section of our website.

    EVO periodically reviews and updates the content of this website. EVO reserves the right to revise or modify any information, programs or benefits in its sole discretion. Certain of the information included in this website is dated. In such cases, the statements speak only as of the date thereof. We undertake no obligation to update any of these statements to reflect events or circumstances after their date or to reflect actual outcomes, unless required by law. Accordingly, any person or candidate should not rely upon the content of this site as the most current information regarding EVO’s internal policies.

    EVO Payments Inc. is an equal opportunity employer, committed to the hiring, advancement and fair treatment of individuals without regard to race, color, religion, gender, sexual preferences, age, national origin, ethnicity, disability or veteran status, or any other protected status designated by federal, state, or local law.

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