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To oversee our complex, global business, our Board of Directors is comprised of experienced individuals who are engaged in their duties and invested in our company’s success. Our Board and executive management have taken a long-term view toward shareholder engagement as critical to driving growth and creating shareholder value. As a result, we regularly engage with our shareholders throughout the year by multiple means to encourage ongoing, meaningful dialogue.

We encourage you to visit the “Governance” area of the “Investors” section of our website (, where you will find detailed information about our corporate governance practices including our key governance documents listed below.

ESG Oversight

To further our commitment and focus on ESG related topics, in November 2021, our Nominating and Corporate Governance Committee of the Board of Directors revised its charter to include oversight of the Company’s ESG activities and initiatives.

Board Composition

We believe it is important to have a diverse Board membership reflecting differences in viewpoints, professional experiences, educational background, skills, race, ethnicity, nationality, gender and other factors.

The Board and the Corporate Governance and Nominating Committee is committed to seeking qualified diverse candidates. Over the last three years, we have appointed three women to our Board.

EVO's Board of Directors

Rafik R. Sidhom
James G. Kelly
Nikki Harland
Vahe A. Dombalagian
John S. Garabedian
Laura M. Miller
David W. Leeds
Gregory S. Pope
Matthew W. Raino
Stacey Valy Panayiotou
Mark A. Chancy

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has not promulgated any rules about the presentation of, or metrics related to, certain ESG matters. Accordingly, the information we present may not be directly comparable to that presented by other companies. The information presented on this webpage often is based on statistics or metrics that are estimates, makes assumptions based on developing standards that may change, and provides aspirational goals that are not intended to be promises or guarantees. Accordingly, investors should not place undue reliance on the information set forth in this section of our website.

EVO periodically reviews and updates the content of this website. EVO reserves the right to revise or modify any information, programs or benefits in its sole discretion. Certain of the information included in this website is dated. In such cases, the statements speak only as of the date thereof. We undertake no obligation to update any of these statements to reflect events or circumstances after their date or to reflect actual outcomes, unless required by law. Accordingly, any person or candidate should not rely upon the content of this site as the most current information regarding EVO’s internal policies.

EVO Payments Inc. is an equal opportunity employer, committed to the hiring, advancement and fair treatment of individuals without regard to race, color, religion, gender, sexual preferences, age, national origin, ethnicity, disability or veteran status, or any other protected status designated by federal, state, or local law.

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