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The Cristo Rey Atlanta Jesuit High School Corporate Work Study Program is one of the ways we invests in today’s youth. The students split time between classes and their internships, learning valuable job skills that will help them prepare for their collegiate and professional careers. The earnings from this work pay for a large percentage of each student’s tuition costs, giving them access to a rigorous, quality college preparatory education that otherwise would be too expensive. Cristo Rey students also gain valuable real-world job skills, contacts, and experience through their Work Study jobs, and go on to college in record numbers, in large part because of their early exposure to the working world.

Having witnessed the lasting, positive impact that this program has had on our interns in Atlanta, we decided to expand our Cristo Rey partnership in 2021 to include the Tampa, Florida region. This expansion gives us even more of an opportunity to help provide a path to higher education for the next generation to enter the workforce.

“Our newly established partnership with EVO Payments here in Tampa is a wonderful example of an organization who believes deeply in our mission. Here, at Cristo Rey Tampa, it is our mission to prepare our young men and women, both intellectually and spiritually, for the rigors of college and for the rest of their lives.

The commitment from EVO Payments to the edification of our students is a blessing, as they are as strongly committed to ensuring the success of our students as we are! THANK YOU EVO!!! … for everything that you do, and will continue to do, to improve the lives of those in need that will one day pay it forward as you are!

We are looking forward to a long and wonderful partnership for many years to come.”

Scott Morreale

President & CEO – Cristo Rey Tampa Salesian High School and Corporate Work Study Program

Seal for Cristo Rey Tampa school

Claudia Robinson

Cristo Rey Ambassador

“One of the most important investments society can make is in its young people. EVO embraces this ethos through its partnership with the Cristo Rey Corporate Work Study Program. This partnership underscores EVO’s investment in and commitment to the development of tomorrow’s leaders.

Providing young people the tools needed to be successful is akin to planting and watering a seed in good soil - with nourishment and patience, it will blossom and reach its full potential. I am proud to be associated with a company that embodies this ideal.”

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