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EVO Payments International and EVO Snap* Partner with iConnect

By May 6, 2014December 18th, 2017News Release

EVO Payments International and EVO Snap* Partner with iConnect to Bring Same-Day Integrated Merchant Processing to Omni-Channel POS

Competitive pricing and merchant quick-app provides same-day approval and boarding – enabling merchants to process immediately

EVO Payments international (EVO), a leading card payment acquirer and payment services provider operating in the United States, Canada and Europe, announced today that its EVO Snap*division has launched a comprehensive merchant processing program for iConnect, an omni-channel point-of-sale (POS) provider. The program, which includes competitive pricing and frictionless boarding, enables iConnect to delight customers and drive greater adoption of their iPad, iPhone and Web POS solutions.

“When we first approached EVO Snap* less than 60% of our new merchant customers were approved through our existing merchant acquiring partner,” said Subodh Gupta, President and Founder of iConnect. “We were leaving a lot of business on the table. Through our partnership with EVO, we’re approving more than 95% of new customers and, with same-day approval and boarding, we’re getting those customers up and running faster than ever.”

The process is simple – iConnect customers download a 15-day free trial of iConnect’s Web, iPhone or iPad POS software. When they’re ready to start accepting cards, merchants complete a quick 2-3 minute application in-app, online or via mobile. As long as key criteria are met, merchants are rapidly approved and activated and can begin accepting payments immediately.

“With software as a primary driver in today’s omni-channel POS marketplace, our software company partners need the ability to expand their business rapidly across multiple points of acceptance,” said Peter Osberg, Senior Vice President of EVO Snap*. “EVO Snap* provides access to a wide array of acquiring and processing solutions. As a result, we’re in a unique position to serve as a one-stop shop for application integration, merchant underwriting and payment processing. This combination allows us to quickly put together unique pricing and boarding programs for innovative solution providers like iConnect.”

iConnect customers can take advantage of the new competitive pricing and activation process, along with other feature enhancements, in the latest release of the iConnect POS software – available now in the App Store on iTunes. New EVO Snap* partners can establish similar programs through EVO Snap*’s Engage program which provides a framework for collaboration between EVO Snap* and integrated software partners.

About EVO Snap* & EVO Payments International, LLC
EVO Snap* simplifies in-store, online and mobile payments – making payments a Snap* for software companies and merchants. EVO Snap* is a one-stop shop for application integration, merchant underwriting and payment processing. EVO Snap* offers single-integration access to omni-channel payment processing through one API and can instantly decision, board and activate merchants. Visit for more information about the company and its services.

EVO Payments International, LLC is a leading payments service provider of merchant acquiring and processing solutions for merchants, Independent Sales Organizations (ISOs), financial institutions, government organizations, and multinational corporations located throughout the United States, Canada and Europe. A principal member of VISA and MasterCard, EVO offers an array of innovative, reliable and secure payments solutions, backed by an uncompromising commitment to exceed the needs of its customers and partners. Visit for more information about the company and its services.

About iConnect
iConnect is a simple, intuitive iPad POS (point of sale) app for retail shops, delis, kiosks, salons, mechanics, mobile salespeople & more. This revolutionary app can be customized to be as simple or sophisticated as you need it, making it the first iPad POS app that can truly match up to traditional point of sale systems. For more information, visit

For more information please contact:

EVO Payments International
Kevin Hodges
+1 770 709 7330

EVO Snap*
Mark Nawrocki
+1 844 EVO SNAP x 5011

Bryan Chambers
+1 303 757 2800

EVO Payments, Inc.

EVO Payments, Inc. (NASDAQ:EVOP) is a leading payment technology and services provider. EVO offers an array of innovative, reliable, and secure payment solutions to merchants ranging from micro-enterprises to multinational companies and organizations across the globe. EVO supports all major card types in the markets it serves.

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