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Apple Pay

An easier way to pay within apps and websites.

Apple Pay provides an easy and secure way to make payments in your iOS apps, watchOS apps, and on websites in Safari. By using Face ID, Touch ID, or double-clicking Apple Watch, users can quickly and securely provide their payment, shipping, and contact information to check out. Customers love the simplicity of Apple Pay, and you’ll love the increased conversion rates and new user adoption that come with it.

Apple Pay being used on computer, tablet, phone and watch

Check out is simpler.

Accepting Apple Pay is faster than accepting traditional credit and debit cards and other payment methods. Customers no longer need to spend time searching for their wallet and finding the right card. Within apps or websites your customers can check out with a single touch.

Data is more secure.

Accepting Apple Pay is also more secure than accepting traditional credit, debit, and prepaid cards. Every transaction on your customer’s iPhone or iPad requires Face ID, Touch ID, or a passcode. And each time your customer takes their Apple Watch off their wrist, the passcode must be entered to access it. In addition, you don’t receive your customer’s actual credit or debit card numbers, so you aren’t handling sensitive data in your systems when customers pay with Apple Pay.

Learn more about Apple Pay Security and privacy

EVO Integrations

We offer Apple Pay via the Mobile SDK, where Apple Pay is accepted, which provides a framework for merchants to build their own mobile application that will work on Apple IOS devices. It is also available in Poland via the Hosted Payment Page which integrates into the merchant website to manage the payment process, this is also currently being rolled out to other regions. Please contact your sales representative for more details.

Apple Pay Features EVO Supports

Payment Processing available:

  • Authorization
  • One-Time (Payment)
  • Refund
  • Void

Card Networks Supported by EVO Apple Pay;

  • Master Card
  • Visa
  • Visa Electron
  • American Express
  • Discover
  • JCB
  • Mistro

Channels Supported:

Merchant Developed Mobile Apps developed using the Mobile SDK.
Merchant Websites using the Hosted Payment Page.

Developer Documentation Links

Apple Pay Mobile SDK

Apple Pay Via Hosted Payment Page API only requires that the merchant requests to use Apple Pay from your EVO sales agent during the registration process and complete the normal HPP integration. The Hosted Payment Page API guide is provided by the EVO sales agent.

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